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Return Policy

The purchased product/s is shipped during office hours (excluding Saturday and Sunday, and subject to any unforeseen circumstances) at the address communicated by the Client within 24-72 hours starting from when we send to the Client the Order Accepted by email. The failed delivery of the purchased product/s within the above mentioned specified time does not entitle the Client refusing the delivery and/or dismissing the contract of sale regarding the purchased product/s. If you have any kind of question regarding your order, please contact us by email at: You can choose between standard and fast delivery. The recipient cannot require that the delivery be made at a specific date and time. If the recipient is absent, a delivery slip will be left at the recipient’s address, informing the rescheduled date of delivery. The Courier will attempt the delivery twice and, in the case of the recipient being absence during the second delivery, before returning the goods to the supplier the Courier will contact the recipient by phone at the number (if noted) given in the Order. The transportation costs may vary in accordance with the country of delivery and the weight/volume of the goods. However, the Client is informed of the exact transportation cost (including possible additional custom taxes) while completing the Order and also before confirming and sending it to us. By sending the Order, the Client agrees that the delivery of the purchased product/s may be made in more than one delivery. In case of a failed delivery of the purchased product(s) due to causes attributed to the Client (e.g. wrong address or telephone number in the Order, continuous absence of the recipient, refusing to accept the delivery even when not damaged and when containing the correct purchased product(s), etc.) the Client will be reimbursed; however, such reimbursement does not include delivery and returning expenses, and/or possible custom charges relating to both the exporting and re-entry of the goods from and back into Italy. During the delivery by the Courier, the Client is advised to check that: the number of products delivered is the same as that registered on the delivery docket the package and the packing materials (such as tape and metal clips) are intact, not damaged, or wet, and/or somehow otherwise altered. Possible damages to the package and/or the product/s, as well as in the case where type or number of delivered products do not coincide with the ones registered on the delivery docket, must be immediately noted in the appropriate space on the delivery docket. Subsequently, the Client must sign the docket and return it to the Courier. In the case of the acceptance of the package without reserve, we assume that the delivered package is intact and that the product/s inside correspond (in type and quantity) to that which is registered on the delivery docket. Possible damage to the products that are not immediately recognisable as such (or the number and/or type of product/s do not correspond with those in the Order), this fact must be communicated to our client service within 8 days starting from the delivery date. The communication must be sent by email at and the email must specify the Order number, the original purchased product, the product actually received and, if possible, accompanied by a photograph of the received product.

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